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GDPR Services

We can build a programme tailored to your business

and security needs.


What we do

We build programmes tailored to your business and security needs.   We take care of your GDPR anxieties by providing the following services:



Gap Analysis

This audit includes looking at your existing policies, documentation, the personal data you hold, and permissions procedure for gathering new data, before we create an action plan to move your company forward towards GDPR compliance.

Infrastructure Audit

Expertise to carry out a complete professional Infrastructure Audit, reviewing your internet/hardware/software and a comprehensive

Staff Awareness Training

This can be one-on-one coaching, classroom training or an online GDPR Staff Awareness course to educate your staff on their legal responsibilities, dependent on your requirements.


Comprehensive guidance on policies and documentation required for compliance including your Data protection, Breach Policy, GDPR Policy and the website Privacy Policy recommended by the ICO.



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